Travel contracts relative to the present programme are subject, notwithstanding any other clauses to the contrary, to the law 27.12.77 no. 1084 of the approval and execution of the International Convention relative to contracts of travel (C.C.V.) signed in Brussels the 23rd April 1970 and of the directive no. 90/314/CEE and of the Decree by Low 17.3.95 no. 111 put into effect by the Directive no 90/314/CEE concerning travel, holidays, and all related subject matters.


Verdidea SRL manager Nicoletta Innocenti – Podere Greppomagni 63 - 53027 San Quirico d’Orcia (SI)


Bookings are accepted by authorised Italian and foreign travel agencies or directly by Verdidea SRL, San Quirico d’Orcia, Podere Greppomagni 63, Tel. 0577 899009 - 899029 – fax 0577-899647 - Acceptance of bookings by Verdidea srl is subject to availability.

The booking is confirmed at the moment of written acknowledgment of such by Verdidea SRL.


At the moment of booking a booking fee and a deposit of 50% of the final cost should be paid. The residue of the cost to be paid 45 days before the start of the holiday. For bookings made within 30 days of the start of holiday the entire cost is to be paid at the moment of booking.


Transferral of Bookings

If a traveller is unable to make use of their booking they can transfer their booking to another person who fulfills all the conditions required for the holiday. The booking agent and Verdidea srl are to be informed immediately of any changes by means of registered post or in cases of emergency by telegram or by fax and they are to be given the personal details of the new traveller (name, surname, sex, date of birth, nationality). The person transferring the holiday and the person to whom the holiday is being transferred to are both solely responsible for any residue costs to be paid.


In the case of cancellation the traveller is obliged to pay the percentage stated below of the total cost of the holiday.

  • - 10% up to 30 days before the start of holiday;
  • - 25% from 29 to 21 days before the start of the holiday;
  • - 50% from 20 to 11 days before the start of the holiday;
  • - 75% from 10 to 2 days before the start of the holiday;
  • - 90% no show;

In the event of no/show the payment of the total cost of the holiday is required. The above payment are also to be paid by those not able to carry out their holiday because of lack of, or irregularity in their travel documents. Travellers who decide to cut short their trip or holiday once it has already been started will not be reimbursed.


On arrival guests are obliged to give a deposit to cover any damage to the property during their stay. This deposit will be returned at the end of their stay minus the cost of any damage incurred. Guests are asked to inform Verdidea srl of any problems regarding the maintenance of the property within 24 hours of their arrival.


The leasing of these properties has been arranged by Verdidea srl and on behalf of the owner of the property and the prices have been established in accordance with this same party. The price includes the weekly rental (7 nights), electricity, gas, water and the initial cleaning of the property (unless otherwise stated). The property must be left clean and tidy otherwise the owner is entitled to hold some of the deposit given on arrival. The amount of people staying in the property cannot exceed the number given at the moment of booking or allowed for in the brochure. Arrivals are, as a rule, on Saturday afternoon between 15.00-19.00 and directly to the rented property, departure is the following Saturday before 10.00. If the expected arrival or departure differs from those stated above clients are obliged to advise Verdidea srl or the given property of this as soon as possible.


If, for whatever reason out of their control, Verdidea srl cannot allot the property which has been booked, they are authorised to assign a property of similar characteristics to the client.

If this is not possible, the client has the right to a total refund of any payment already made.


This brochure is valid from the 01/01/2014 to 7/01/2015


The company is covered by the insurance policy no. 700/14/00513593 - 30.12.2006 R.C.T. with the Toro Insurance Company S.p.A. for damages to persons participating in travel and holiday programmes as well as meeting all obligations towards users of tourism services as established by L. 27.12.77 n. 1084 (C.C.V.) and by the directive no. 314/90 CEE with maximum guarantee R.C.T. of Euro 1.549.370,70 for damages up to Euro 516.456,90 per person and Euro 258.228,45 for material damages, with a limit of Euro 15.493,71 per person. Maximum for personal property Euro 25.822,84 for damages with a limit of Euro 12.911,42 per person.


This contract is regulated by Italian law. Any controversy whatsoever will be dealt with by the tribunal of Siena

Authorisation given by the Province of Siena n.0049-26.01.94 to operate in the capacity of Tour Operator and n.0071-07.07.97 for Verdidea srl. Insurance cover: Toro Assicurazioni S.p.A. n.700/14/00513593 of the 30.12.06

Head office: Verdidea srl – podere Greppomagni 63 – 53027 San Quirico d’Orcia (siena) – tel 0577 899009 – 0577 899029 – fax 0577 899647 –

Legal seat: Podere Greppomagni 63 – 53027 San Quirico d’Orcia (Siena) – tel 0577 899009 – 0577 899029 – fax 0577 899647 –